The studies keep coming out – organic foodies, check this out. The Independent UK just published an article regarding the benefits of organic farming.



It’s Victory Garden time!  There’s no better time to start a garden than NOW, during the Coronavirus pandemic.  Take control of your food source, enjoy the sun and get your hands a little dirty.   Starting your first vegetable garden can be intimidating at first. But fear not, we’re here to guide you and make […]

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Thank you for visiting UrbanFig! We have closed our online store. If you are curious about a product or have additional questions, please email Happy Gardening! Carol Carimi Acutt Founder

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What to Plant for the Garden in February

February is an exciting month for gardeners because it is a great time to get seeds started for your spring garden. Though it is too cold outside to plant for most of us, starting seeds indoors is a great way to fight off the winter blues. Here are our top urban garden items to plant […]

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Want Health & Wealth?

Gardening has scientific health benefits, for real.  The Journal of Health and Philosophy published a study conducted in 2011 by researchers from Wageningen University and Research Center. The study found that gardening allowed people to de-stress more than reading did. Recreational gardeners were divided into two groups assigned with two different activities. Some of them […]

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Urban Farms Sprout Up in New Orleans: From Blight to Bright

My friend Mitch Danese is part of spearheading a movement through Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans. They are allocating empty lots which haven’t been slated for construction to grow food.  These mini-farms are growing fresh food for the local restaurants and making the neighborhoods brighter at the same time. It’s a win-win for the city and […]

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Net Neutrality: Meaningful to All

Today is the “Internet Slowdown”. Take a moment and read up on net neutrality if you don’t understand all of the ins and outs of it. This is a very important topic. At the very basic level, internet providers should not be able to pick and choose which websites get more bandwidth.  It’s the same […]

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Creating Greener Pastures with Sustainable Livestock

I had the pleasure of speaking with Will Harris, awarded a 2014 NRDC Growing Green Award for his sustainable agricultural methods used on his farm.  White Oak Pastures has been owned and operated by his family since  1866, a quintessential family farm.  After decades of raising cattle using conventional methods,  in the mid-1990s’s he began to move toward more […]

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Saving the Monarch Butterflies: NRDC 2014 Growing Green Award Winner Chip Taylor

I had the pleasure of interviewing Chip Taylor, ecologist and founder of He recently received the the NRDC 2014 Growing Green Award for his work with the monarch butterflies. Our monarch butterflies are in trouble. Last year there were approximately 30 to 35 million monarchs overwintering in Mexico. In 1996, there were over 1 […]

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2014 NRDC Growing Green Interviews on UrbanFig Coming Soon!

NRDC and Berkeley Food Institute Announce Winners of the 2014 Growing Green Awards I had the pleasure of interviewing each of the winners last week.  Stay tuned for the interviews – posted here soon. It’s always amazing to speak to people following their passion and doing wonderful work for the world simultaneously. Awards honor leaders and […]

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Label or Ban GMO’s?

Here are a few excerpt from this excellent article from Organic Consumer’s Association regarding genetically modified food. What do you think? By Ronnie Cummins Organic Consumers Association, March 6, 2014 Excerpt: Farmers Sound the Alarm about GMO Contamination Between 1994-2012, the number of acres in the U.S. planted in GMO crops has grown significantly. Today, […]

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TedX Live: Changing the Way We Eat

        Don’t miss the TedX talk “Changing the Way We Eat” ON SATURDAY, MARCH 1ST FROM 10:30am – 6:30pm EST. “Changing the Way We Eat” ( will feature a dynamic group of speakers addressing issues in sustainable food and farming. As in the past 3 years, TEDxManhattan will promote innovative work being […]

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5 Simple Ways to Save Water

Here in California, we’re in the middle of a drought. Here are a five simple steps to conserve water. 1. COMPOST not the disposal: Every time you put food down the disposal and run water, gallons of water are wasted. The average tap outflows 2.5 gallons per minute. Instead, throw those scraps into a composter […]

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Recycled Pallet Idea

        A little inspiration from a South African jewel called the Karoo Cafe.  Take some pallets and make a tiny garden deck and table.

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Give the Gift of a Garden

The holidays can be a frenzy, but at the same time it’s also full of family, friends, hot chocolate, mocha lattes, glittery ribbon, twinkly lights, thoughtful gift buying, excited children, ice-skating, sing-a-longs, busy kitchens and delicious food and drink. As you begin your search for the perfect gift for your loved ones, consider the gift […]

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Creating Community with Gardens: One At A Time

The Social Justice Learning Center in Inglewood is building gardens for the community one home at a time. The program not only teaches people how to grow food, but also provides the soil, seedlings and fertilizer to get the family started. They also manage the community garden at Queen Park. Neighbors are welcome to use […]

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Can GMO’s Feed the World?

  Messaging about GMO’s can be confusing.  Some say it’s good, some say it’s bad.  At UrbanFig, we love technology, but also think that nature should be revered. We should work with nature rather than trying to reinvent her. Check out this excellent mythbusting video that separates fact from fiction.      

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Confessions of an Organic Container Gardener

  I must admit, I’ve been pretty busy this past summer and my garden has limped along due to my admitted neglect. Remarkably, the prolific Sun Gold cherry tomatoes have done well along with swiss chard, thyme, green onions and King of North peppers. Definitely give these plants a try the next time it’s their […]

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Growing Tomatoes: Savor the Moment

  Growing your own food, I admit, can be addictive. But oftentimes, no one mentions the wait time. You prepare your pot or garden bed soil, plant your seed or seedling, water and wait. And wait. And wait.  But while your little tomatoes are growing and doing their thing, this is a fantastic opportunity to […]

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