3 Simple Soil Building Tips

by on February 22, 2012

Good quality soil is at the heart of every good garden and urban gardens are no exception. Here are three simple soil building tips that you can begin using today:

1. Compost your coffee grounds.
Coffee grounds are plentiful and beneficial to the garden because they are high in nitrogen (about 2% according to studies). Compost that contains coffee grounds gets hotter and stays hotter than other composts, which means that it decomposes and is ready to be used faster.

2. Do not add coffee grounds directly to the soil.
The common misconception is that coffee grounds should be added directly to the soil around acid-loving plants but in truth, the acid content in coffee grounds is not particularly high because that acid is water soluble. The process of brewing coffee removes most of the acid. In addition, the nitrogen in coffee grounds is not readily available to the soil until it has been composted. In fact, adding grounds directly to the soil can deplete the nitrogen content due to an increase in the growth of microbes that feed on nitrogen.

3. Get worms.
No, I’m not joking. Vermiculture is huge these days and it is easier than ever to enjoy the benefits of worm composting without the hassle or the mess. Worms can break down a large amount of kitchen waste in a short amount of time and they do it silently and odor-free. In a few weeks I will be reviewing the same Nature’s Footprint “Worm Factory” Worm Composter that we carry here at UrbanFig. While the review will be for another site, I will be sharing my experience here as well.

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