3 Tips for Stronger Seedling Roots

by on September 14, 2012


Now that the fall growing season is getting underway, we wanted to make sure that you knew the best tips for taking care of your new seedlings. When starting with seedlings for the urban garden, you want to ensure that they are growing a strong, robust root system. Here are a few basic tips to help optimize root growth in your tender seedlings while promoting a strong, healthy plant:

  • Breezy does it. Plants started from seed in a protected environment need to get accustomed to the harsh realities of an unstable outdoor environment. One way to do that is to strengthen them with the power of wind. Place a small fan blowing lightly on the seedlings for an hour or two a day and you will encourage root growth for added stability.
  • Don’t overfeed.  While you might think that giving mega doses of fertilizers to your seedlings is the way to go, you won’t get the desired result of thicker, stronger roots. If you do use a fertilizer on your urban garden seedlings, dilute it and don’t use it any more often than the manufacturer’s instructions recommend.
  • Chill out. Turn down the temperature a bit, somewhere between 55 and 60 F degrees. This will slow plant growth and cause it to focus its growth work on the roots, especially for tomatoes and pepper plants.

You will also want to be consistent with your watering routine. When the seedlings are in pots, extra care needs to be taken to make sure that they are getting adequate (but not too much) moisture.

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