5 Lettuce Varieties You Should Grow

by on August 27, 2012


Anyone who has spent time in the supermarket may think that the only lettuce in the world is bland, commercially produced iceberg lettuce. Lucky for everyone, that is distinctly not the case. There are in fact many types and varieties of lettuce that are packed with flavor and color that is only matched by the nutritional benefits they bring to the table as well.


You just can’t go wrong with this staple of all salads. Romaine is a sturdy lettuce that has unmatched crispness and a light, pleasant flavor that is absolutely perfect in a Caesar salad!

Mesclun Mix

A few years ago, “boutique” lettuce came into popularity and grocery stores began carrying mesclun mix. This delicious mix of colorful and flavorful young greens makes a great salad, but if you’re buying it by the pound at store prices you’re paying a ridiculous price for something you can easily grow at home for pennies.


This is the perfect lettuce for those who prefer a milder, buttery flavor and light texture. Use it on its own or as part of a mix with other varieties.

Black Seeded Simpson

A favorite for over 150 years, this is one lettuce you may have never heard of but you won’t soon forget. Grow it once and you’ll grow it for life. Harvest as early as 3 weeks from planting!


Striking deep red colored leaves that are similar to the wine that gives this beautiful leaf lettuce its name. No bitterness here, so use merlot lettuce in your salads all season!

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Don Reeves September 8, 2012 at 7:38 PM

I have grown both Romaine and Black Seeded Simpson for years and enjoy both of them fresh out of the garden. While technically spinach is not in the lettuce family, the nutritional value should place it high among the “must haves”.


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