5 Reasons Why Urban Farming Can Change the World

by on December 5, 2012

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1. Urban farming can lead to improved health.

People who grow fresh food eat fresh food. Eating more fresh foods leads to improved health. It isn’t rocket science, but there’s even more to it than that. When people take part in urban gardening at home, they often spend more time outdoors doing physical activity. Increasing your physical activity will often increase your health.

2. Urban farming can lead to improved financial responsibility.

The more food you can grow at home, the less money you have to spend buying it elsewhere. The more money you save on your household food bill, the more money you have to save or spend on other things.

3. Urban farming can help to improve the environment.

Urban gardening improves the land and enriches the soil. The increase in plants in urban areas helps to increase the oxygen in the air while it decreases the carbon dioxide and other pollutants.

4. Urban farming can help solve hunger in local communities.

My amazing friend Shawna Coronado transformed her entire front lawn outside of Chicago into a vegetable garden. Last year she donated more than 100 pounds of home grown fresh produce to her local food bank – produce that she personally grew in her own yard.

5. Urban farming can reduce waste.

Composting reduces the amount of food waste that goes to landfills, but there is even more waste reduction taking place with those who are involved in urban gardening. Think of all of the bags and packaging that you bring home from the supermarket every time you buy produce. Now think of how much less of it is going into the landfill when you are growing your own produce.

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