Getting Started

Here’s a simple list to get you started.Urban Fig: Getting Started

  • Find a spot with enough SUN (minimum 6 hours). If you’re not sure how much sun you have you can buy a sunlight tester.
  • Decide what you LIKE to eat and then plant it. I suggest starting with lettuces and greens . They’re easy and grow quickly.
  • Start with a SMALL garden box or pot. You can make a box, buy one or use a pot. Check out this link: All Things Cedar 3-Piece Planter with Trellis
  • Get great SOIL – this is KEY. Go to your local nursery and pick up E.B. Stone organic soil – it’s fantastic and you won’t need to fertilize for a month after you’re first planting.
  • Plant organic seeds or buy seedlings. You can try these greens. Swiss chard is a great option because it’s sturdy and pretty easy to grow.
  • WATER – Only water every few days, over watering KILLS edibles. Read your seed packet for guidance.


Take a 5 minute peek at your mini-farm everyday – just to make sure they’re happy and no bugs have moved in. If you skip a few days, it’s fine (I certainly do). And then watch your garden grow. Harvest & enjoy.