Beyond the Beds: 3 DIY Garden Projects

by on May 24, 2013

herb garden

The Garden is the ultimate DIY project. Bursting with yummy fruits and veggies, gorgeous flowers, fragrant herbs and hopefully lots of inspired moments, few projects can rival the rewards of a well tended to garden.

But why stop in the dirt? Have you explored some other ways to enjoy your DIY gardening green thumb? Growing green goodness can happen anywhere—in or outside of the home. Look up, look in the cracks, look all around for inspiring ways to keep your garden growing year round in more ways than one.

We’ve got a few exciting DIY garden projects for you that just might tickle the rest of your fingers into joining that green thumb in growing.

  1. A Mason Jar Herb Garden: Take some of that green goodness indoors with an herb garden conveniently located in your kitchen. Grow fresh and delicious herbs in mason jars. It looks as yummy as it tastes! Check out this tutorial and get started today!
  2. Garden Markers: If your garden is growing a lot of delicious eats, it may get a bit challenging in keeping  track of what’s what. You need good markers—and not those flimsy ones that can fly away. We love this idea for upcycling old silverware into markers. Or, how about painting or drawing on rocks? A well-marked garden is an efficient one!
  3. Upcycled Container Gardens: Before you send it off to the landfill, ask yourself: Can I use this in my garden? Soon, you’ll be making your purchasing decisions based on whether or not you can use the product (or its packaging) in the garden at a later date. That mismatched tea cup, an old tool box, a drawer from a broken dresser…they can have another destiny beyond the trash bin. Turn them into gorgeous, functional container garden planters. Grow succulents in a tool box. A little flower in a tea cup (makes a great gift!), or turn colanders into hanging garden baskets! The possibilities are limitless…

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