Tips and Tricks to Keep Plants Healthy

Tweet Veggie gardening is serious business, but it should be relaxing and enjoyable as well. At times, urban gardening can be downright entertaining, especially when you hear about some of the bizarre tricks people come up with to make the most of their veggie gardening experience. Here are the five most bizarre tricks we’ve heard […]

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Tweet For all of the questions I get on a seemingly regular basis about the impact of air pollution on urban gardens, there is surprisingly little research that has been done on the topic. What we do know undeniably is that some plants are more sensitive to air pollution and ozone than others. Though not […]


A Good Reason to Garden

by on October 23, 2011

Tweet[portfolio_slideshow]I went to yoga class this morning, something I look forward to on the weekends after a busy work week. And I must admit, there is that moment of hesitation before I roll out of my cozy bed and leave the family for two hours on Sunday morning.