Learn How to Grow Vegetables Indoors or in a Greenhouse

Hydroponics: The Basics

by on January 18, 2013

Tweet Hydroponics is the process of growing plants in a soilless medium. There are differing schools of thought about the specifics, with some aficionados preferring to use sand, gravel, or even liquid alone. What these different methods share in common though is the addition of water soluble nutrients to the water. It is a common […]

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Tweet Pollination is an easy concept to understand. Just think of it as sex for plants.  On the other hand, don’t. When I wrote last week about indoor gardening, I mentioned the need for pollination. One of the problems that comes along with growing plants indoors is that even the self-pollinators struggle to do their […]


The 411 on Plant Grow Lights

by on September 28, 2012

TweetWhen the weather outdoors isn’t conducive to growing the plants you want, the industrious gardener looks for other ways to fool nature. If it is too cold outside, it makes sense to use any available space you might have in your home to help your favorite plants thrive. If the space in your house doesn’t […]


TweetEvery year about this time I start to notice an increase in the questions about indoor gardening and, more specifically, growing vegetables indoors. When the temperatures begin to cool, people’s minds immediately turn to the cold of winter when their precious garden beds sit mostly empty and sad, and they (the people, not the gardens) […]

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