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UrbanFig: Where to Grow Blueberries

Where to Grow Blueberries

by on November 19, 2012

TweetFirst, a few basic rules for growing blueberries in the urban garden: 1. You will need an acidic soil with a pH anywhere between 4.1 and 5.0. 2. Your blueberry plants will require full sunlight, and lots of it. 3. Blueberry plants love moisture and should be consistently and adequately watered, but they must have […]

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Tweet Here’s what you need to know about growing blueberries in containers and raised beds: 1. Use a larger pot than you think you will need. Blueberries need space – lots of space – and regular pots won’t cut it. Go with a pot that is at least 18” or you aren’t going to see […]


Tweet In order to squelch the misconception that the urban garden is over when the summer harvest ends, we here at UrbanFig wanted to show you just how many options you have open to you for prolific and delicious fall edibles. It’s true that the fall season is a short one for many regions, but […]


UrbanFig: Berries

How to Grow Berries

by on November 9, 2012

Tweet The taste of fresh berries is unparalleled, but buying them can easily break the bank. Why not learn how to grow berries at home – you’ll save a fortune and know that your fruit is free of pesticides, herbicides and other toxic chemicals. Let’s take a look at the bounty of berries that you […]


UrbanFig: Kale

How to Grow Kale

by on November 7, 2012

Tweet You’ve probably seen kale growing and didn’t even know it. Variants of kale and cabbage are use extensively as ornamental plants in fall and winter landscaping. If you haven’t tasted it yet, you have no idea just what you’re missing. It is iron-rich, full of nutrients, and the flavor is out of this world. […]


UrbanFig: Garlic Bed

What to Grow in November

by on November 2, 2012

Tweet Endive is a tightly curled member of the lettuce family that does not grow in head form. That means that the leaves can be harvested as they are needed and the plant will continue to grow for as long as the conditions allow. If you are in an area where frost is a concern […]


UrbanFig: Beets

How to Grow Beets

by on October 29, 2012

Tweet Beets may well be one of the most misunderstood vegetables in the garden. They are an excellent source of dietary fiber, folates, vitamin C and iron, and studies have shown that drinking beet juice can reduce hypertension.It also helps that beets are delicious when prepared well.   AT A GLANCE: HEAD LETTUCE Temp Range: […]


UrbanFig: Cauliflower

How to Grow Cauliflower

by on October 22, 2012

Tweet  Cauliflower is a cool season favorite that happens to come from the same family as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, and collards. While it shares some traits with its cousins, cauliflower is much more temperamental when it comes to its growing needs, so extra care must be given to ensure that you are giving your […]


Tweet At the end of last year’s growing season I noticed several volunteer tomato seedlings had started in the raised bed where I had just removed the spent plant that had produced all summer long. Because of my particular love for tomatoes, I couldn’t bear to just let them die, but the cold winds of […]


Tweet As part of our ongoing look at growing vegetables indoors, today we are taking a look at growing broccoli in containers. If you haven’t seen it before, you might want to read our growing guide on growing broccoli as it contains some great info about the individual needs of one of the most popular […]


Tweet[portfolio_slideshow] By Nikki Striefler of –Chamomile:  Most commonly used in tea, it’s leaves and flowers are full of oils that have natural relaxing, sedative qualities and it’s also used as anti-inflammatory for arthritis, rheumatism, etc. -Aloe Vera: used externally as a natural astringent and emollient for the skin (and it has many internal uses […]


Tweet No garden plant gets more attention in October than the pumpkin. If you are interested in growing your own pumpkins for pies, soups, and decorations, you will want to ensure that you are able to harvest in time to enjoy them throughout the season. The real key to harvesting pumpkins for Halloween lies in […]


Tweet There’s no time like autumn for leafy greens, but how much should you grow to ensure a steady harvest all season long? The answer is going to depend on a few factors: how many people you are feeding, how much you consume on average, and how long the growing season lasts in your area. […]


Tweet Let’s take a look at how to grow greens indoors. For the sake of this post we are going to focus on fast-growing greens like lettuces, arugula, and spinach. While it is possible to grow kale and other dark leafy greens indoors, it will be an exercise in patience at best. In my experience, […]


Tweet Pollination is an easy concept to understand. Just think of it as sex for plants.  On the other hand, don’t. When I wrote last week about indoor gardening, I mentioned the need for pollination. One of the problems that comes along with growing plants indoors is that even the self-pollinators struggle to do their […]


UrbanFig: What to Plant in October

What to Plant in October

by on October 1, 2012

Tweet It’s starting to cool off, especially at night and in the early morning hours. Whether we like it or not, it is finally time to pull out the long sleeves, and that means that most of our precious summer garden plants are probably ready to call it quits. Don’t despair, my gardening friends! There […]


UrbanFig: Plant Grow Lights

The 411 on Plant Grow Lights

by on September 28, 2012

TweetWhen the weather outdoors isn’t conducive to growing the plants you want, the industrious gardener looks for other ways to fool nature. If it is too cold outside, it makes sense to use any available space you might have in your home to help your favorite plants thrive. If the space in your house doesn’t […]


TweetEvery year about this time I start to notice an increase in the questions about indoor gardening and, more specifically, growing vegetables indoors. When the temperatures begin to cool, people’s minds immediately turn to the cold of winter when their precious garden beds sit mostly empty and sad, and they (the people, not the gardens) […]

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UrbanFig: Greens in the Fall

Planting for Fall

by on September 21, 2012

Tweet With Fall officially arriving this weekend, you need to get things in order to plant your fall garden. There’s no better time to plant lettuce, spinach and other quick-germinating leafy greens from seed while other cool weather favorites will perform much better if you start them from seedlings. At this point in the growing […]