Root Vegetables

How to Grow Rutabaga

by on February 11, 2013

Tweet It is known as the Russian, Swedish and Canadian Turnip and other names, but no matter what you call it, the rutabaga is one root vegetable that deserves to be in your urban garden and on your dinner plate. As the nicknames imply, the rutabaga is a relative of the delicious turnip. Interestingly enough, […]


Tweet Potatoes usually take quite a bit of ground space to grow, which is why many urban gardeners steer clear of growing them. Now it is possible to grow potatoes at home with just a small footprint of ground to work with, and the yield may even be bigger than it would have otherwise been. […]

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Tweet Shallots are a delicious onion relative with a mild flavor that is a favorite among the gourmet set. It is a must have in the pantry that pairs well with chicken and brings the flavors of many herbs to life. They are as easy to grow as onions and garlic, and just as easy […]


Tweet[portfolio_slideshow] Potatoes are a mainstay of the American diet and they’re easy to grow even in small spaces, but that doesn’t mean they are immune to disease.  Here are the most common potato diseases you might encounter and what you can do about them when they appear. Blight Early Blight Caused by the Alternaria solani […]


How to Grow Carrots

by on April 20, 2012

Tweet When it comes to staple foods in the kitchen, it doesn’t get much more basic than carrots. They are versatile, delicious and packed with nutrition, and they are easy to grow, prepare and preserve as well. AT A GLANCE: CARROTS Temp Range: 50-70 degrees Seed to Plate: 65 days +/- Light Needs: 6 hours […]