Confessions of an Organic Container Gardener

by on September 27, 2013

sprouting broccoli_urbanfig


I must admit, I’ve been pretty busy this past summer and my garden has limped along due to my admitted neglect. Remarkably, the prolific Sun Gold cherry tomatoes have done well along with swiss chard, thyme, green onions and King of North peppers. Definitely give these plants a try the next time it’s their season.  Thanks to these easy crops, I’ve had some sort of harvest.  But as we all know, life fluctuates and as does time.  That’s what I love about vegetable gardening, you can always have a fresh start every season and a clean garden slate.


As we approach October,  I’m ready to commit to a new set of vegetables. This time,  I may have to plant seedlings this round because our neighborhood squirrels have a penchant for digging in my soil searching for peanuts and seeds, destroying any chance of my seeds sprouting. Ugh!  (Yes, we do have an article on this website about dealing with squirrels, and of course, I haven’t had the time to do these things either!)  So as we enter fall, if you’re like me and ready to begin anew, here are some suggestions for the season.

For seedlings:

Beans, broccoli, broccoli, kohlrabi, & peas.

For seeds:

Arugula, beets, carrots, lettuce, radishes and spinach

If you’re just beginning a garden and need a box to get your container garden started, check out our the rolling apartment garden boxes. They’re perfect for any of the crops listed above. Check out our growing guide for a per square food guide.

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Happy Gardening.

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