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Our garden calculator computes the per pound price or per bushel price depending on how the items are sold in general. Usually lettuces, greens, and radishes are sold per bushel where most others are sold per pound.

HOW TO USE? Select the vegetable of your choice and then click CALCULATE.


How did we calculate?

According to the National Gardening Association, the average cost of maintaining a vegetable garden is $70 per year (fertilizer, watering, basic supplies) and the average food garden is below 10 square feet. We decided to use 5 square feet as a safe estimate for urban gardeners. Five square feet could be a 2×2 box plus one square foot container or five containers.

Grocery store prices are based on actual per pound prices at local Los Angeles stores.

To Calculate:
We took $70 and divided it by 365 days (= $.19), multiplied it by the average number of days a crop grows in a garden and we then added the cost of the seeds. We divided this number by the average yield in pounds for this growing period to arrive at the per pound (or bushel) cost.

Calculations for blackberries and blueberries assume you have the plant. Since the cost of these plants vary so much, we did not include it in the per pound price.

If you have questions or comments, let us know – write below or email us. This calculator is to use for entertainment and cocktail party conversations. More than anything, we encourage you to grow your own organic food, it’s good for the earth and for you. Change the world one garden at a time. Say yes to fresh food, say no to chemicals and GMO’s in your food!

Happy Gardening!

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