Gardening Basics: 5 Organizational Tips

by on June 3, 2012


New to gardening or perhaps you’re an old pro? What I find helps newbies or oldies the most in gardening is organization. By keeping my garden supplies in a specific spot, gardening is just plain easier. It definitely works for me – especially when I’m on a tight schedule, which these days feels like all of the time! Here are some tips to help you organize your own garden space:

1. KEEP IT ALL IN ONE PLACE: Find a shelf or cabinet or a set of drawers where you can keep all of your tools in one place (fertilizers, pesticides, spray bottles, gloves, clippers, seeds, etc.)

2. CONSOLIDATE: Do you have old bottles hanging around that don’t work or boxes of fertilizers with only a teaspoon left in it ?
• Get rid of anything that doesn’t work properly (like the old rusty clippers or the nozzle that you haven’t used in 10 years that sits by the hose that leaks).
• Take small amounts of leftover fertilizer and either use it or put it in smaller containers with a label.
• Only keep the tools that you actually use (get rid of the clutter)

3. LABEL: Keep your seeds packs in a box and label them with the purchase date. Most seed packs last about 1-2 years in a dry, cool, dark space. Lettuce, onions and parsnips only last about a year.

4. GET AN APRON: It may not seem to be an obvious choice, but since I began to wear a gardening apron, my life got a lot easier. I fit my shovel, clippers, trowel, and anything else that I might need in my apron. If you’re like me, you tend to place the clippers down somewhere and then “lose” it for 5 minutes at least. It’s sort of like losing keys – very frustrating! When I wear my apron, I don’t misplace my clippers among the tomatoes, I always know they’re in my apron.

5. ROLL THE HOSE: Unfurling a hose that is as twisted and unwieldy as a slinky in a knot is no fun. Make or buy a rack to roll your hose up neatly after each use. It really will makes life a tad bit sweeter. The thought of watering won’t feel like as much of a task.

If you have any organizational tips you’d like to share, please comment below.

Happy Gardening!

Carol Carimi Acutt

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