Going Vertical: Why vertical gardening makes sense for the urban gardener

by on January 23, 2013

vertical_gardenThe most common complaint among urban gardeners is a lack of space, but it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes the most obvious solution to the problem is right over your head. Vertical gardening is not a new pursuit, it has actually been around for centuries. It is a new trend, and one that is perfectly timed for the urban garden fan.

The most obvious reason vertical gardening makes good sense for the urban gardener is to address that lack of space that plagues so many of us. It is an easy way to increase what we can grow without increasing the amount of square footage we have. Increasing the space we have in which to grow increases our yield, making it a win-win.

Many urban gardeners are renters, which offers yet another reason to look to vertical gardening. Vertical gardening offers the ability to grow temporarily by using vertical supports and removable walls that can be taken down and transported elsewhere as needed.

Vertical gardening makes sense for another reason, too. By using vertical growing panels, you can also increase privacy in highly populated areas like apartment and condo buildings while reducing ambient noise like the sounds from nearby road traffic.

Quiet, private beauty while growing more of what you love. That just makes sense.

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