Growing Tomatoes: Savor the Moment

by on August 14, 2013


Baby Zebra Tomato

Baby Zebra Tomato

Growing your own food, I admit, can be addictive. But oftentimes, no one mentions the wait time. You prepare your pot or garden bed soil, plant your seed or seedling, water and wait. And wait. And wait.  But while your little tomatoes are growing and doing their thing, this is a fantastic opportunity to savor the moment.  Those little buds will become little green balls and then voila, a lovely tomato. And then harvest time .

So when you find yourself feeling a little impatient, take a close look at your plant. Breathe in the air and make that moment  a meditation.  Growing your own food really is magical, and part of that magic isn’t just the food you’ll harvest from your garden.

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