How to Control the Leaf Miner

by on December 7, 2012

leafminerThe leafminer (or leaf miner) gets its name because it likes to eat leaf matter from the inside of leaves. This feeding habit makes it readily apparent when you are dealing with a leaf miner – large, blotchy spots or trails on the leaf face that indicate that inner damage. While the appearance of damage might see to indicate otherwise, the simple fact is that in most cases, leaf miner damage will not negatively impact the health of your plants. Still, the problem can be difficult to watch when it is happening to your precious garden plants.

Technically, the leaf miner is one of several insects – flies – that lay their eggs on our plants. It is the resulting larvae that feed inside the leaves, mining their destructive patterns from one end to the other.

Is it possible to control leaf miners?

Thankfully, yes. There are pest control options that are readily effective against the leaf miner, but in the case of these bad boys, timing is everything. The trick is to apply your general pesticide to both sides of the leaves. As this is where the leaf miner larvae will live and feed, this is the only way to ensure that your target will get their just rewards.

Neem oil is what we recommend because it is proven to interrupt the life cycle of leaf miners in a natural way that will not negatively impact the health or growth of your plants.

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