How to Plan in February for Spring Planting

by on February 8, 2013


Idyllic scenes like this one are beautiful for a few moments, but all too often they serve only to remind the gardener that there is nothing they can do in their beloved gardens. Now is no time to let the winter blahs get you down, in fact now is precisely the time to get everything in order for your spring garden planting.

I covered the most important things to get done this month when I wrote The 5 Most Important Tasks To Do In February To Prepare For Spring a few days ago,  but I realize that some of you like for me to go into a bit more detail. I understand of course, even talking about gardening is a comfort when the winter season seems to drag on and on.

As I have said before, when it comes to your garden ideas you must commit them to paper. Even if you are only planting a few herbs in a tiny bed tucked away at the back door, writing down or sketching out your garden plans helps to solidify them and helps you to better visualize the layout. Once you have all of your ideas in written form, it is also a very good idea to make a note of the needs of each garden plant you want to grow. Will one plant grow taller than another, and if so, will it end up shading out one that needs full sun? Did you allot enough ground space for that zucchini or will it eventually choke out another veggie? Now is the time to check and recheck your spacing and layouts to ensure the best possible outcomes from your spring planting.

Finally, check the expiration date of any seeds you have on hand to ensure that they are not expired. If they are you may still get them to germinate but the resulting plants may not be at their best.

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