Introducing the UrbanFig Garden Calculator

by on January 25, 2013


If you are anything like I am, you shake your head every time you walk through the produce section of the local market, frustrated at the ridiculous prices most companies are asking for sub-par vegetables. If you look at the organic produce, that frustration turns to bewilderment.

Well, what if there was a quick and easy way to figure out how cost effective growing your own vegetables could be? Welcome to the brand new UrbanFig Garden Calculator!

The way it works is simple enough. Just select your garden vegetable or fruit from the drop down menu and click the handy dandy CALCULATE button. In an instant (give or take), you will be presented with dollar amounts for a per pound (or per bushel) price for your selected produce in each of three columns: “Grow My Own Organic Food”, “Pesticide-Sprayed Food from Grocery”, and “Organic Food from Grocery”. At a glance you can compare the cost of growing your own to the cost of buying it. If this doesn’t help you to make an informed decision, nothing will!

The basis of the number crunching is a figure put out by the National Gardening Association. They estimate a cost of about $70 for the average home garden of less than 10 square feet in size. We split the difference and for urban gardeners we are using a garden size of 5 square feet. To come up with the grow your own figures, we took $70 and divided it by 365 days (= $.19), multiplied it by the average number of days a crop grows in a garden and we then added the cost of the seeds. We divided this number by the average yield in pounds for this growing period to arrive at the per pound (or bushel) cost.

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