Let’s Grow Parsley This Winter!

by on January 11, 2012

UrbanFig: Parsley

Who doesn’t love parsley?The leafy green herb is packed with versatile flavor that can add something to many of your favorite dishes. Its beauty, usefulness in the kitchen and easy adaptability to being grown in a container make parsley a perfect pick for growing herbs indoors. You might not think it would be a good choice for winter growing because it thrives in warmer temperatures and full sun, but given the right conditions indoors, your parsley will be beautiful, tasty and prolific in a sunny window.
Temp Range: 60 – 80 degrees F
Seed to Plate: 90 days
Light Needs: min. 4-6 hours of full sun per day
How Much to Grow Per Person: 1 plant
Average Space Needs: 2 plants / Square Foot
Water Needs: moist, well drained soil
Soil pH: 6.0 – 7.0

How to Grow Parsley Indoors

There are two ways to get started growing parsley indoors, either starting the plants from seed or growing them from store-bought plants. A third option is to do the way I do every fall and dig up my herb plants from the outdoor garden, pot them up and begin getting them acclimated to the indoors for overwintering. If you plan to start parsley from seed, you’ll have to be patient as they can take between 4 and 6 weeks to germinate from seed. In the meantime, keep the soil or growing medium warm and moist and you’ll be all set.

In pots just as in the outdoors, parsley prefers a warm, sunny spot with moist soil. Give it what it needs and you’ll have fresh parsley to snip for your favorite dishes all winter long.

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