Mike Lieberman of Urban Organic Gardener

by on January 5, 2012

Number of Years Urban Gardening: 2.5
Favorite Thing To Grow: Lettuces and Greens
Favorite Thing to Cook From the Garden: Green Chard
Favorite Garden Recipes: Green Smoothie
Urban Farming Location: Los Angeles, CA
Gardening Advice: Just get started gardening.

I met up with Mike Lieberman at his apartment in Los Angeles. The first thing I noticed were his ten five-gallon containers full of beautiful vegetables on his apartment balcony. In a space as small as his balcony (about 13 feet x 4 feet), he has a plethora of gorgeous greens, enough to utilize everyday. Right now he’s growing Asian greens, lettuces, Red Russian kale, peppermint, Swiss chard and arugula. Almost every morning he uses some of his greens in his green smoothies or in whatever he’s cooking.

Mike greeted me with his delicious homemade vegan pumpkin muffins and scones and then we had a great chat, gardener to gardener. He’s as passionate about growing food as I am. As we both discussed, growing our own organic food is important for the world and for ourselves – avoiding pesticides, GMO’s and getting close to nature.

Mike first started growing food in New York City on his 2×3 fire escape after experiencing some health problems. Not only did his health improve, but the farming addiction grew from there. He aims to teach people how to grow food organically, especially apartment dwellers with very little space. Mike’s method is to use 5 gallon buckets that you can find at the hardware store, drill some holes in the bottom and voilà, a garden container is born. He told me that he quickly learned that there are many more lettuces than iceberg in the world once he started to garden. Being very industrious, Mike created a fantastic self-watering container to help us busy urbanites cut down on watering time.

Visit Mike at for his urban farming tips.

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