No more Monsanto GMO Corn Fields in Hungary

by on May 9, 2013


Many countries have limitations on GMO crops, others ban it in certain circumstances. Hungary is one country that has a zero tolerance policy that enforces it strictly. According to, they recently destroyed GMO corn crops.

Photo by: True Activist

Photo by: True Activist

The GMO conversation is polarized and political.  If you are against GMO’s, we feel growing your own garden is an excellent form of activism.  Need help getting started? Just email us at

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Terry Lee July 3, 2014 at 2:29 PM

I read an article a few weeks ago about Monsanto and their GMO’s. A farmer had purchased corn seed from Monsanto and it performed to his expectations so he kept a seed supply large enough the plant the next year. The next year Monsanto contacted him about buying more seed. He said he had enough already. They then informed him that they held the patent on those seeds and he would be breaking the law if he planted then.

It seems that regular seeds are in the public domain but by creating these GMO’s they can control and make big profits from crops


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