Swiss Chard & Black Aphids

by on November 16, 2011


It seems I can’t keep the aphids away these days.  I must admit, I got pretty busy with UrbanFig and before I knew it, my chard was COVERED in black aphids. My current method  (or shall I say attempt?) of getting rid of the aphids is this:

  1. First I cut off ALL of the leaves infested with aphids (be sure the check the bottom-side of the leaves because that’s where aphids like to hang out.
  2. I hosed off the rest of the aphids (be sure to use a good nozzle with a powerful spray). Good riddance!
  3. I sprayed the rest of the plant with worm leachate (I was lucky enough to have quite a bit in my worm bin). This can act like an inhibitor, warding off little bugs.
  4. “Mulch” the bottom of the chard with worm castings. This is to give the plant nutrition and strengthen its immune system.

Now I have to wait to see how it works.  I think this chard is pretty sturdy, I’ve had it growing for over a year and it has been incredibly prolific. Crossing fingers!  Will report back soon.

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Carol Carimi Acutt

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