The 411 on Plant Grow Lights

by on September 28, 2012

UrbanFig: Plant Grow LightsWhen the weather outdoors isn’t conducive to growing the plants you want, the industrious gardener looks for other ways to fool nature. If it is too cold outside, it makes sense to use any available space you might have in your home to help your favorite plants thrive. If the space in your house doesn’t have adequate light to support a growing plant’s needs, you can supplement with plant grow lights. The lights used for indoor growing emit a light spectrum that mimics the sun.

While using available sunlight is ideal, you can still go a long way with artificial light sources like plant grow lights. They can go a long way toward giving people in planting zones with shorter warm seasons a chance at growing their own seedlings and seeing to it that they are mature enough to produce a great harvest.

A simple and space-conscious setup can make the most of even the smallest space, and by using a plant grow light and a basic utility shelf you can create the perfect environment for starting all of the seeds you need to give your outdoor garden a head start. Then, when your growing setup isn’t needed, it can easily transform into usable storage space that stands ready to be used whenever it is needed.

Plant grow lights are available in a variety of sizes and models, with prices that vary as much as you might imagine. You don’t have to spend a lot to have a grow light setup that works, though. In fact, an inexpensive shop light and standard tube lights will work in a pinch.

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