The 5 Most Important Tasks To Do In February To Prepare For Spring

by on February 4, 2013


Spring is just a few weeks away for most of us and while the winter seems to drag on, the time will start to fly when you realize just how much there is to do to prepare for your spring garden. Here are the five most important tasks to do this month to prepare for spring:

  1. Finalize your spring garden plan.
    Procrastinators, there’s no time to waste now. It’s time to finish daydreaming about the spring garden and make some decisions about what you want to grow in the urban garden and how much.
  2. Buy your seeds and seed starting supplies.
    Once you have finalized your garden plan, you need to take inventory of the garden seeds you have on hand and then buy seeds you do not have. Now is also the best time to take stock of the seed starting supplies you have as well as what you need to order. You will need to start those seeds based on your last frost date, so time is running out!
  3. Prune fruit trees.
    Most fruit trees should be pruned during their period of dormancy, so this is the right time to get the job done.
  4. Plant garlic and onions.
    As soon as you can work the soil in your planting zone, get your garlic and onions planted.  This will ensure an early harvest.
  5. Start seedlings based on your last frost date.
    Once you have established the last frost date for your zone, start your spring garden seeds based on the suggested time on the seed packaging.

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