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by on January 23, 2016


Gardening has scientific health benefits, for real.  The Journal of Health and Philosophy published a study conducted in 2011 by researchers from Wageningen University and Research Center. The study found that gardening allowed people to de-stress more than reading did. Recreational gardeners were divided into two groups assigned with two different activities. Some of them were asked to sit indoors and read while the others were asked to work in their garden. Gardening resulted in a better reduction of the stress hormone Cortisol. Yahoo!  So sunshine and dirt is good for us after all. So keep on gardening or just start your own garden ASAP.

And for wealth?  For starters, growing fruit trees like lemons & oranges is a great way to save a little cash with little effort.  And growing your own vegetables, herbs and greens saves money and guarantees fresh nutrition. Did you know that the longer produce sits on a truck or on the shelf, the more nutrition it loses?  So more bang for your vitamin buck.

Want to start your garden today? Ask us for help. Curious about saving money? Check out the UrbanFig garden calculator to see how you can save some money.

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