Trouble in the Pea Patch: Common Pea Problems and What to Do About Them

by on July 9, 2012


Peas are an urban garden favorite, but they can also fall victim to several potential pests and diseases about which you should be aware. Here are a few possible problems you may encounter with your pea plants and what you can do to help.

Yellowing, deformed leaves that curl under are a common indicator of aphids. They are tiny ova-shaped insects that appear yellow or slightly green in color. Remove them with a heavy stream of water and use a good quality insecticidal soap to prevent them from coming back.

Irregular yellow and brown spotting on leaves along with a powdery mold is evidence of downy mildew, caused by a fungus. Improving drainage with soil amendments can help, as can taking measures to improve air circulation in the immediate area. Do not plant the same peas the following year and rotate them as a matter of course to prevent downy mildew from returning.

Productive vines with no blooms are an indication that you have too much Nitrogen in your soil. Pinch your vines back to encourage growth and blooms.

When pea blooms don’t become pods, they may need a little help pollinating themselves. Gently tapping the blooms or even lightly shaking the vines when there are blooms present can help.

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