What to Grow in January

by on January 2, 2013


If you are lucky enough to live in one of the warmer zones like Carol does in California (Zones 9 and up), you probably have the gift of being able to grow your garden year-round. For the rest of us, especially those who are coming down with a case of the winter blues like I am, here is what you can start to grow in January.


Start your favorite garden herbs from seed in a sunny window now. By the time the weather is agreeable and your garden or container is ready, your herb seedlings will be ready for their time in the sun. As an added bonus, when the herbs get big enough in a few weeks, you can go ahead and snip off a sprig or two for your cooking needs. Just don’t forget to acclimate your indoor-grown plants to the shock of outdoor life by taking them into a shady area outside for a few hours every day for a week or so.

Seed Starting

Believe it or not, later this month is a good time to start some garden vegetable seedlings indoors, depending of course on your plant hardiness zone. As a good rule of thumb, you should start seedlings 6 – 8 weeks before they will be ready to go into the ground outside, and for my area in Georgia, the last frost date is predicted to be around March 20th this year, so the last week of the month will be seed starting time here. If you aren’t sure when your last frost date will be, here is a great resource that can help.

With just a few weeks left before nearly everyone will need to start their seeds, now is the perfect time to grab all of your seed starting supplies in the UrbanFig Shop. Just sayin’.

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jeavonnachapman January 2, 2013 at 4:51 AM

Happy New Year, Michael. Great tips. My frost date is a month later (zone 7). I have to resist the urge to start seeds too soon (before Presidents Day). That makes for weak, spindly plants struggling for light. I force myself to stick to houseplants, herbs and dreaming/planning my spring garden. Forcing bulbs is also fun.

So looking forward to another fun year of following your garden.


Roseann Reilly January 4, 2013 at 11:53 PM


I love Rosemary in cooking. I keep killing them – water too much, they dry up and die. I love in Central NY. Don’t have problems with thyme, sage, parsley – cilantro is a challenge with it’s bolting quick. But Roseamary is a thorn in my green thumb! Please help.

btw, i saw hedges of Rosemary growing in Las Vegas – apparently it thrives in heat and dry sandy soil – perhaps normal potting soil is too rich for it. Currently have a limp/dying twig….lamenting me killing it!

Thanks for any suggestions.


Carol January 4, 2013 at 11:59 PM

Rosemary doesn’t like a lot of water. I would start there first. Let it dry out a bit and only water it when it feels dry. It also likes direct sun. See how it does with those changes and let us know how it goes. Thanks for writing in.

Happy New Year!


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