What to Grow in November

by on November 2, 2012


Endive is a tightly curled member of the lettuce family that does not grow in head form. That means that the leaves can be harvested as they are needed and the plant will continue to grow for as long as the conditions allow. If you are in an area where frost is a concern in late November, you might consider planting endive in containers that can be moved indoors when the temperatures drop.

Garlic is one kitchen staple that no one should be without, and when you grow your own you never have to be. Each individual clove or piece of garlic can produce its own plant and grow into a bulb, and starting your garlic bed now will ensure a tremendous and ongoing harvest next year.

Greens thrive in the cold, which is why varieties of cabbage and kale are often spotted in fall and winter flower beds. Why not plant your favorite edible varieties right along with the winter hardy flowers and enjoy fresh greens throughout the seasons?

Onions and Shallots should be planted as bulbs now for harvest next June and July. Raised beds are excellent for onions and shallots because it is easier to make sure the soil is loose and free of debris.

Winter Lettuce varieties can withstand some frost, but when the temps really drop you should consider using weather protection like cloches to keep them producing. It is best to wait until November to sow winter lettuce as they won’t germinate well in warm temperatures.

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