What To Plant In Your Garden in May

by on April 29, 2012



Now that the final frost of the season has come for most of us, we can plant the remainder of our spring and summer gardens and stow away our frost protection equipment.

1. Corn is a fun plant to grow, especially if you have kids. The fast-growing stalks can keep the little ones interested in the garden, especially when they can hide amongst the rows. For rest results, plant corn in several rows so that they can be more readily pollinated. I personally love Sugar Pearl from High Mowing Seeds so I was really happy to see it in the shop. (more tips on growing corn coming this Friday!)

2. Okra is a versatile and delicious vegetable that always seems to get strange looks outside of the south. Give it a try and you’ll be surprised at the ways you can enjoy it. Even the blooms are tasty!

3. You can’t go wrong by planting sweet potatoes. The plants themselves are so lush and the blooms so beautiful, you may find yourself forgetting that there’s a bounty of tubers growing beneath the surface.

4. There’s still time to transplant your favorite eggplant, sweet peppers or hot peppers, but time is running short so get them in the ground now to ensure a great crop.


You should also:

  • Mulch around the base of new plantings to keep weeds and insects at bay, as well as to keep moisture from evaporating.
  • Very fastidious about water as your new garden plants are establishing themselves. They can be especially susceptible to damage from being allowed to dry out.
  • Start cauliflower and Brussels sprout seeds in cold frames for fall planting.

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