When Herbs Flower: What to Do

by on February 19, 2012

One of the most rewarding parts of growing a garden is those quiet moments in the morning with my toddler. She and I will head outside to check the veggies and sometimes pick a few snow peas for my preschooler’s lunch. The entertaining part is to see my toddler walk around with a piece of kale, munching it in-between her investigations of each plant. This morning, she picked some cilantro flowers, took a sniff and then handed them to me. There’s no better way to start the day.


Unbeknownst to my toddler, those cilantro flowers are a sign that it’s time that they become part of my favorite cilantro pumpkin seed pesto.

When your herbs are beginning to flower, it’s a great time to harvest all of the leaves and either make a pesto or chop them up and freeze them in olive oil. Freezing the olive oil/herb mix inside ice cube trays is a great way to guarantee that you’ll always have fresh herbs available in your kitchen even when they are out of season.

Carol Carimi Acutt

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